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We focus on providing the best dentistry available, protecting your smile, and taking care of our patients with the same care we want for our own families. We value long-term relationships with the members of our community and act with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all we do. We welcome new patients of all ages to Roc Dental. We take great pride in improving people's lives one smile at a time.

Meet Dr. Ibrahim

Oral Surgery Rochester Hills MI

Oral Surgery Rochester Hills | Man in PainAt Roc Dental, we make saving your natural teeth a priority. The proper restoration, root canal treatment, or protective nightguard can all prolong the life of your teeth and protect your smile.

When a tooth sustains damage or infection, however, removing it is sometimes the best way to protect your dental health. Additionally, teeth sometimes cause over crowding, putting your bite at risk. Removing those teeth can help relieve overcrowding.

Removing a Damaged or Decayed Tooth

When a tooth splits or breaks, we can sometimes save it with a dental crown. Other times, when the damage is beyond repair, removing it can prevent pain and infection that may put your oral health in jeopardy.

We understand that you may have concerns about oral surgery and avoiding pain during treatment. Dr. George Ibrahim always puts your comfort first during every procedure, including tooth removal. He will numb your tooth and give the anesthetic time to become fully effective prior to beginning any dental procedure.

Once he gently removes your tooth, he will provide you with post-surgical instructions to ensure proper healing.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Not all wisdom teeth cause a problem and need to be removed. Dr. Ibrahim can take digital x-rays to determine how your wisdom teeth are growing and if they will put your other teeth at risk. In some cases, removing teeth can be beneficial.

Location – Because your wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth, they are more susceptible to decay. You may find that your toothbrush does not easily fit in the back of your mouth and flossing behind your last tooth can prove difficult. Removing your wisdom teeth may save you from pain and unexpected treatment.

Overcrowding – Wisdom teeth can push and move your other teeth, causing a misaligned bite that can create pain, jaw problems, and fractured or worn teeth.

Impacted teeth – When your teeth grow at odd angles they sometimes cannot erupt properly through the gums. This can cause pain and pressure against your other teeth. When impacted teeth are left untreated, they can periodically become sore and may even develop infections.

Post-Surgical CareOral Surgery Rochester Hills MI

Avoiding certain behaviors after surgery can improve your chances of healing properly. Refraining from drinking through a straw and smoking will reduce your chances of a painful dry socket.

Keeping your surgical site clean with warm water can prevent irritation caused from food particles lodged in your surgical site. You should avoid chewing directly on the area until it heals.

Are You Wondering if You Need an Extraction?

Contact Roc Dental in Rochester Hills, MI to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. George Ibrahim will provide you with a diagnosis and help you make a decision that feels right for you.

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