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We focus on providing the best dentistry available, protecting your smile, and taking care of our patients with the same care we want for our own families. We value long-term relationships with the members of our community and act with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all we do. We welcome new patients of all ages to Roc Dental. We take great pride in improving people's lives one smile at a time.

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Partial and Complete Dentures Rochester Hills

Partial Dentures Rochester Hills MIFacing tooth loss poses many questions and concerns for our patients. We understand that this change in your oral health can be difficult. Our team will work closely with you to make the process of full or partial dentures as easy and convenient as possible.

When it comes to dentures, how they look and feel can affect your overall health, nutrition, and appearance. At Roc Dental, we create comfortable, great-fitting dentures that give you confidence in your appearance and allow you to eat the food you need to stay healthy.

Removable Partial Dentures

When you still have some of your natural teeth, we can use them to anchor your partial denture. Keeping as many natural teeth as possible is important for maintaining healthy bone. When you experience tooth loss, the underlying bone begins to resorb because your tooth roots are no longer present to stimulate regrowth. This process can cause further tooth loss and make it difficult to create dentures that fit snugly.

When we create your partial denture, we will design it in such a way that it matches your natural teeth and provides you with a stable chewing surface.

Having a skilled dentist with experience in partial denture creation is a necessity. Dr. George Ibrahim has been creating comfortable, esthetic dentures for his patients for years. His understanding of occlusion (bite), jaw function, and esthetics gives you reliable results.

Partial dentures consist of either a sturdy metal base or a lightweight resin base and artificial teeth. They “lock-in” with your natural teeth and rely on those, as well as your ridge, for support and stability.

Complete (Full) DenturesDentures Rochester Hills

When you are missing all of your teeth on your upper or lower arch, a complete denture becomes necessary. Complete dentures consist of a pink resin base with natural-looking artificial teeth. The shade and appearance of your denture teeth depends on how you would like your smile to look. Dr. Ibrahim can guide you in making decisions regarding the appearance of your denture to get the most esthetic result.

Your complete denture relies on your bony ridge to keep it in place. Dr. Ibrahim’s experience with dentures will give you a comfortable, snug fit. Having dentures that fit well are essential to your overall health and wellness and help prevent ongoing problems such as denture sores.

Denture Care and Ongoing Treatment

Dentures require special care. Dropping them in the sink or on the floor can cause damage. Use only a special denture cleanser to clean your dentures so you can avoid scratches that may collect bacteria and cause your denture to smell.

When your denture is not in use, be sure to keep it in water or a denture solution to prevent distortion. Never leave your denture in a hot car or clean it with hot water.

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If you are missing some or all of your teeth and want dentures that fit well and feel great, contact our Rochester Hills, MI dental office to schedule an exam with Dr. George Ibrahim.