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Root Canal Treatment Rochester Hills MI

Root Canal Treatment Rochester Hills MIWhen patients call our office in pain, infection in your tooth’s root canal could be the culprit. While most patients dread hearing that they need a root canal, the treatment itself can actually relieve pain and restore your health. Getting the right dental diagnosis is important, which is why you should see a dentist right away. 

Symptoms of an Infected Root Canal

Symptoms can stay quiet for some time until pain or inflammation occurs. Oftentimes, a root becomes infected due to trauma or deep decay. In other cases, the cause may not be immediately apparent. Other signs of infection include hot or cold sensitivity, pain with pressure, discoloration of your tooth, or a small pimple-like bump on your gums.

Diagnosing an Infected Tooth

When you come in for your exam, we will take a digital image of your tooth to look for signs of infection. This is usually enough to determine whether your tooth requires a root canal.

In other cases, we can check the vitality of your tooth with temperature tests to locate the source of your discomfort.

Dr. George Ibrahim is experienced when it comes to treating infected teeth and will recommend treatment that can save your tooth and restore your comfort.

Root Canal Rochester Hills MIRoot Canal Therapy

Before we begin, we will numb your tooth to ensure comfortable treatment. Dr. Ibrahim will use small endodontic instruments to remove bacteria and diseased tissue from your tooth. He will then fill your root canal with a rubber-like material and place any medication necessary to assist with healing. Finally, he will place a temporary filling in your tooth while your body heals.

Root canals relieve pain. After a root canal, you may feel some sensitivity, which is normal during the healing process. As your body heals, however, you will feel gradual improvement until you are pain free.

After a couple of weeks, we will re-examine your tooth to make sure all signs of infection are indeed gone before placing a permanent restoration on your tooth. We often recommend a crown to stabilize your tooth and keep it from sustaining damage.

Why Is It Important to Save Your Tooth?

Your natural teeth are rooted in your jawbone. Their presence stimulates constant bone regeneration. When you lose a tooth, you can begin to lose bone, putting your remaining teeth in jeopardy by destabilizing them.

Replacing a missing tooth with an implant or bridge is more expensive and time consuming; plus, it requires more treatment than a root canal and restoration alone. By having proper root canal treatment, you can prolong the life of your tooth by decades, protecting your bite and your appearance.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Contact Roc Dental to schedule an exam. Tooth pain is an indication that something is wrong and requires professional attention. By contacting our Rochester Hills, MI dental office right away, you are taking the first step toward health and comfort.