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Teeth Whitening Rochester Hills MI

Teeth Whitening Rochester Hills MIWhitening your smile can shave years off your appearance. With today’s professional whitening systems, you can achieve outstanding results without a huge expense or uncomfortable treatment.

How Teeth Whitening Works

You will achieve better results with our professional whitening system than with over-the-counter options. This is because you benefit from being under the supervision of Dr. George Ibrahim, who has given hundreds of patients a whiter, brighter smile that makes them feel confident.

Professional teeth whitening gel works by penetrating the pores in your enamel and bleaching stains that collect there, causing your smile to appear dark or yellow.

You will place the whitening gel in your custom whitening trays – one small dot in each tooth area. Put your trays in and leave them in for one to several hours at a time. After two weeks of regular use, you will notice a dramatic difference.

You should reserve your trays for touch-ups in the future. Whitening every six months to a year, depending on your lifestyle habits, can be a good rule of thumb.

Professional Teeth Whitening Rochester HillsWhen Does Whitening Work Best?

Teeth stain due to habits such as smoking, coffee consumption, drinking tea, and even eating colorful vegetables and fruits. Teeth with yellow-colored stains whiten best. The results you achieve will depend largely upon your level of staining and how diligently you wear your trays.

Some deep stains do not whiten with professional take-home kits alone. If your teeth fit into this category, discuss it with us so that we can offer you other alternatives.

It is also important to note that restorations, such as fillings and veneers, do not whiten the way your natural teeth will. If you plan to whiten your teeth, it is best to do so prior to beginning dental treatment or cosmetic dentistry.

Safety and Teeth Whitening

For most healthy patients, teeth whitening is completely safe and you have nothing to worry about. The bleaching agent is strong enough to whiten your teeth, but is relatively mild to use.

Some patients may experience mild side effects such as sore gum tissue or teeth sensitivity. You can remedy the situation by using only the recommended amount of gel in each tooth receptacle. If you use too much gel, it oozes out onto your delicate gum tissue and may irritate it.

Another potential side effect is sensitivity. People who have recession at their gum line or a strong clenching and grinding habit may experience sensitivity. You can still whiten your teeth, however. Leaving your trays in for shorter amounts of time and taking a day or two off in between whitening sessions usually does the trick.

Do You Dream of a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

Contact our Rochester Hills, MI dental office to set up a teeth whitening evaluation and learn the benefits or relying on a professional for your cosmetic dentistry needs. We are here to help you make your dream smile a reality!